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Wakana Retreats, the holistic element of Wakana, is focused on designing and organising activities aimed at improving the quality of our lives ​by focusing on ​health, well-being and personal growth.
Past activities have included Temazcal and Cacao ceremonies, yoga retreats, water activities and hiking adventures as well as activities suitable for the whole family.

To help you rest, relax and rejuvenate, Wakana Retreats offers up the stunning lake setting where participants and visitors can take advantage of La Palapa ​or ​La Gran Yurta ​to slow down and take in the sights and sounds of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park.

Not only dedicated to organising its own events, Wakana Retreats also provides services and assistance to organisations and companies wanting to develop their own events or retreats using Wakana’s facilities.Services and assistance provided by Wakana Retreats can come in many forms.
From advice on packages and activities, or the promotion and communication of the event, to the administration and running of the logistical aspects for the time you spend at Wakana. We will do everything possible to make sure that your event or retreat sails smoothly.

Finally, the Wakana Retreats team supports Wakana MICE’S offer of designing activities and tailoring personalised programs for companies seeking to improve the quality of life of their employees. Look to us for help with activities focused on personal growth, emotional management skills, relaxation and meditation practices or improved communication workshops.

Reward your employees and they, in turn, will reward you.




We will take care of every detail, from managing your reservations to offering personalised attention to each and every client.


Wakana is capable of accommodating up to 150 people, distributed across shared and individual rooms, teepees and yurts. Also available are camping areas equipped with toilets and showers.


We can design and promote your event using our communication agency so as to reach more people through social media, mailing lists, media promotion and participatory action research.

Arrival and logistics

At Wakana we will take care of all attendees upon arrival, show them to their rooms (if necessary), coordinate timetables and attend to any needs that they may have so that you can forget about the logistical side of running the event. That way you can focus on developing the essence of the event or retreat — the reason you chose Wakana — so that your guests leave fulfilled and invigorated.

Facilitators and Therapists

Through our extensive network, we can organise the very best of professionals from various fields to help enrich your time at Wakana. These include but are not limited to yoga instructors, food workshop facilitators, and aquatic and massage therapists.

Activities related to health, well-being and personal growth

at Wakana


Upcoming Retreats

Power Purpose Passion

27 May - 3 Jun 2019

Woman's empowerment retreat.


Frequently Asked Questions

What spaces does Wakana have to hold an event or retreat?

Wakana has almost 20 hectares of sWakana, with almost 20 hectares of land in addition to the lake, has a multitude of spaces available to hold or celebrate any event. On the premises, guests may make use of the permanent structures like La Palapa, La Gran Yurta, Los Talleres (workshop spaces) as well as the Andalusian Albergue.

What services do you offer?

We offer accommodation and cleaning alongside the services mentioned above, such as taking care of reservations, the promotion of the event, arrival and logistics, and organising facilitators and therapists.

Where are you located?

Wakana is located in the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, on the Carretera Benalup-Casas Viejas, Km 6.5 11190 Benalup, Cádiz.

Do you have accommodation for guests?

Yes. We have a total of 150 sleeping places across a range of accommodation options. The Andalusian Albergue sleeps 60 people, while the teepees provide 48 places and the Yurts from Mongolia provide an additional 42 places. Furthermore, Wakana has arrangements in place with nearby hotels but make sure to inquire at Wakana beforehand.

Do you hold more than one event or retreat at a time?

Due to the extensive area that Wakana covers, we retain the option of holding more than one event or retreat at a time. However, there does exist the option of renting the facilities in their entirety by paying the corresponding fee. For further information, please contact Wakana.

What does the price of the menu include?

Included in the price is the main meal, water and fruit for dessert. To specify the type of main meal, please get in contact with Wakana as we are able to adapt the type of menu for the purposes of the event or retreat.

Does Wakana have its own catering service?

Yes, Wakana’s catering service is Pachamama Organic. However, clients have the possibility to rent the kitchen for their own use.

Do you have menus for special dietary requirements?

Yes. At Wakana we can cater for various dietary requirements including but not limited to vegetarian, vegan, celiac and diabetic. Please consult with Wakana for any further information.

Is it possible to adapt or modify the menu?

The menu provided will depend on the seasonal vegetables available as well as the budget and number of guests attending. As such, modifications are possible but please consult with Wakana if you have any further inquiries.

Does Wakana have parking?

Yes. Wakana has a large parking area with the possibility of hiring a valet service.

Is Wakana accessible to all people?

Although Wakana is situated in a natural park, we have gone to great lengths to make as much of the area easily accessible for all people.


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