Pet friendly

We like animals and we think that they should travel with you

The holidays are for the whole family. They are the time to enjoy stress-free moments and the time to strengthen emotional bonds whilst living beautiful experiences together. And this includes our four-legged, furry members.


In Spain, not so long ago, it was unthinkable to take your pet on vacation. It was almost impossible to find a hotel, an apartment or any other type of accommodation that welcomed our beloved pets. You couldn’t even think about taking your dog to the beach, let alone into a bar or restaurant. Planning trips was stressful and caused nightmares.

But over the years, our beloved pets have begun to occupy a more important role in our families and in our lives. So much so that society’s customs have relaxed and are changing for the better. Today, we can find exclusive spaces for cats and dogs and other pets so that they too can experience a day out or holiday with the whole family.


This is in great thanks to the tenacity of pet owners, social networks, bloggers, the media, various associations, companies, public bodies and foundations who have raised the demand for these spaces.


Consequently, our world is increasingly becoming ‘pet-friendly’ and that makes the world a much more beautiful and happier place.

The pet-friendly movement

The responsibility lies with us, the pet owners, to help promote the ‘pet friendly’ movement in Spain so that it progresses and conquers new goals as it already has in other countries around the world.


For this to happen, pet owners must be responsible, have well-trained pets, and also make sure that their pets are clean and in an optimal state of health including being vaccinated and dewormed. Furthermore, pets and their owners must also respect the environment by cleaning up after themselves and by not invading the space of other people within the establishment.


Only like this will we convert more holiday destinations, more businesses, and more cafes and bars into pet-friendly spaces.

On the other hand, businesses looking to expand their number of potential clients should really consider joining the pet-friendly movement since the number of people now going out or travelling with their pets has certainly increased. Special offers and services that cater to pets will make businesses more appealing and attractive as they add a touch of difference from the rest of the competition.


And together, by recommending places that meet our expectations, we can accelerate the change and show people that being ‘pet friendly’ is beneficial for everyone because living with pets is truly wonderful.