Eco-Sport 6-day Experience

Eco-Sport Experience









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  • Min. booking days : 5
  • Max. booking days : 5

Enjoy Nature and Help Care for It


This package is a combination of various sports activities as well as an environmental sustainability workshop.

The sports activities included are: the Canopy Park Zipline, Arc Attack, the Spartan Trail, Paddle Surf, Kayaking, Cycling, Trekking, Orienteering, Swimming, Volleyball, Gymkhana, team-building exercises and a range of evening activities.

In addition, the environmental sustainability workshop is developed according to the Project Based Learning methodology where campers can invest time and energy to investigate and create.

Workshop themes include Astronomy, recycling and handicrafts with local and natural products (eg. wicker, soap, oils), flora and fauna, conservation practices of the natural park, community and the local ecosystem, and ornithology.


To truly experience Wakana in all of its wonder, sign up for the Eco-Sport 6-day Experience and take advantage of all on offer. Immerse yourself in the activities and the environment, spend time with friends while strengthening bonds, and relax in nature. You deserve it.

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Full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

24h monitor supervision

Liability insurance

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