Wakana Celebrations

Become part of the Wakana family and celebrate life in a unique place.

Here at Wakana we know that the real luxury of any celebration is the exclusivity of the moment.

And in this extraordinary natural and historical enclave where Wakana resides, your celebration will be unique and unrepeatable.

In collaboration with the best communication and catering companies available, Wakana can plan, design and organise all kinds of personalised private events to suit your needs and desires.

From bachelor or bachelorette parties to the wedding itself, or birthday parties to family reunions, Wakana will do it all. Even lunches, dinners or special one-off days. We have you covered.

So dream of nature, of open space and of a pollution-free sky where the stars, beaming down on you, your friends and your family, are your only other guests. There really is no better way to celebrate life in all of its beauty.

Celebrate your own event

with us




We will take care of every detail, from managing your reservations to offering personalised attention to each and every client.


Wakana is capable of accommodating up to 150 people, distributed across shared and individual rooms, teepees and yurts. Also available are camping areas equipped with toilets and showers.

Arrival and Logistics

At Wakana we will take care of all attendees upon arrival, show them to their rooms (if necessary), coordinate timetables and attend to any needs that they may have so that you can forget about the logistics of the celebration. That way you can focus on the essence of the celebration — the reason you chose Wakana — so that you and your guests have an unforgettable time.


If needed, we can design and promote your celebration using our communication agency so as to reach more people through social media, mailing lists, media promotion and participatory action research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What spaces does Wakana have to hold an event or retreat?

Wakana, with almost 20 hectares of land in addition to the lake, has a multitude of spaces available to hold or celebrate any event. On the premises, guests may make use of La Palapa, La Gran Yurta, Los Talleres (workshop spaces) as well as the Andalusian Albergue.

What services do you offer?

At Wakana we can personalise all aspects of your celebration, from the ceremony and banquet to the photography and music selection as well as decoration and accomodation for your guests.

Where are you located?

Wakana is located in the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, on the Carretera Benalup-Casas Viejas, Km 6.5 11190 Benalup, Cádiz.

Do you hold more than one celebration at a time?

Due to the extensive area that Wakana covers, we retain the option of holding more than one celebration at a time. However, there does exist the option of renting the facilities in their entirety by paying the corresponding fee. For further information, please contact Wakana.

Do you have more than one event per day?

Yes, due to the extension of its surface, we have the possibility of doing it. However, it can be rented in its entirety by paying the corresponding fee.

What is included in the price of the menu?

ncluded in price of the menu is the welcome appetizer, the entr é e, the main dish, dessert and coffee. And of course, also included is the wine that has been carefully paired with your food. However, the open bar is not included in the price, but can be organised separately. Furthermore, a basic floral arrangement and table-setting menu is also included.

Is it possible to rent only the space without the catering service?

Yes, it is possible. We can also offer you the integral decoration service including the seating plan if you wish.

Do you have a Wedding Planner Service that can guide and coordinate the organisation of the event?

Yes, we do have our own Wedding Planner who can guide you in the organisation of your event.

Does Wakana have parking?

Yes. Wakana has a large parking area with the possibility of hiring a valet service.

Is there a fixed price for renting the venue?


Is there a time limit for the celebrations?


Can I bring my own cake or hire my own dessert buffet?

Yes. However, outside suppliers will need to present the relevant food safety documentation prior to the event taking place.

Do you have menus for special dietary requirements?

Yes. At Wakana we can cater for various dietary requirements including but not limited to vegetarian, vegan, celiac and diabetic. Please consult with Wakana for any further information.

Is it possible to adapt or modify the menu?

The menu provided will depend on the seasonal vegetables available as well as the budget and number of guests attending. As such, modifications are possible but please consult with Wakana if you have any further inquiries.

Does Wakana have its own catering service?

Yes, although the client has the option of contracting their own catering service.

Is Wakana accessible to all people?

Although Wakana is situated in a natural park, we have gone to great lengths to make as much of the area easily accessible for all people.


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