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What’s Wakana Lake?

Wakana Lake is a multiadventure complex in a natural environment, located in Los alcornocales Natural Park, at the edge of El Celemin´s reservoir. Wakana Lake is a place to share. Ideal for all types of clients, couples wishing to relax, families looking for a different experience that complements their holidays, or groups of friends or companies needing a customised program.

How big is Wakana Lake?

Wakana Lake has an area of almost 20 hectares (additionally to the reservoir), where you can enjoy a multitud of activities.

Which is the extension and capacity of the Celemin´s reservoir?

The reservoir of El Celemin extends over an area of 473 hectares and has a capacity of 43 cubic hectometers.

Is the water from the reservoir of El Celemin suitable for swimming?

Yes, abolutely. We have carried out a complete analysis of the waters from the reservoir, which has shown that they are in excellent conditions for swimming.

Can anyone freely access to Wakana Lake?

A fee of 5,00 Euros per person is required to access Wakana Lake and a Disclaimer Form needs to be filled in and signed by any person entering the property.


What activities can I do at Wakana Lake?

Many activities can be carried out in our complex, some of which requires assistance (*): Arc Attack (archery) (*), Canopy Park (Zip-line park and hanging bridges crossings) (*), Spartan Trail, Kayaking, Paddle-surf / Stand-up paddle, Bike routes, Horse riding (*)

Is there a minimum/maximum number of participants in each activity?

A minimum number of 18 participants is required in order to do the Spartan Trail, with an unlimited number of participants (duration of this activity: subjetc to the number of competitors and their physical conditions).
· Canopy Park — minimum/:1 / maximum: 25 (Estimated time: 2 hours).
· Kayaks — minimum/:1 / maximum: 25 (Estimated time: 2 hours).
· Paddle-surf — minimum/:1 / maximum: 25 (Estimated time: 2 hours).
· Arc Attack — minimum/:1 / maximum: 25 (Estimated time: 2 hours).
· Bike routes — minimum/:1 / maximum: 25 (Estimated time: 2 hours).

When can the activities be carried out?

· April / May – Weekends (Friday to Sunday) / 10:00 – 19:00
· June, July and August – Everyday / 10:00 – 19:00
· September / October – Weekends (Friday to Sunday) / 10:00 a 19:00
*Note: If you belong to a group of 18 or over, we could organize some activities for you out of season.

Is there any age, height or weight limitations, or any recommendations to participate in the activities?

· Arc Attack — Minimum height of 1,40 m.
· Canopy Park — Minimum height of 1.40 m. / Maximum weight limit: 120,00 kg.
· Appropriate closed footwear is required to participate in the activities.
· Participants have to take into account that the Spartan Trail / Spartan Race includes mud ponds which may damage and stain you sportswear.


Can I stay in Wakana Lake?, when?

Of course. We have a total capacity of 150 places in different types of accommodations: Andalusian cortijo (60), tepees (48) and yurts (42).. Our opening calendar to the public is:
· April / May – Weekends (Friday to Sunday)
· June, July and August – Everyday
· September / October – Weekends (Friday to Sunday)
*Note: If you belong to a group of 18 people or over, it is possible for yuo to book accommodation out of the season.

Is it possible to camp with tent or caravan / auto-caravan in Wakana Lake?

No, it is not possible. It is only possible to stay at the above mentioned types of accommodations.

Is there a restaurant in Wakana Lake?

“We have a bar in our chill-out area by the lake, where you can have as much drinks as you want. For those guests who are going to spend a pleasant day in Wakana Lake without overnight, we also have a barbecue service for your enjoyment , Which includes a varied assortment of Iberian meat from the area, the gas barbecue and its gas bottle, and you can enjoy it anywhere in the open air inside our facilities.We also have different meal plans for those who spend the night in Wakana Lake. Both yurtas and tepees have breakfast included, being able to buy, if you wish, half board or full board service”.